Sunday, November 1, 2009

36 Days Until Copenhagen

With Copenhagen in only a month and significant hurdles still to overcome, U.N. climate officials now acknowledge that a ratifiable deal is unattainable. Rather, delegates will be encouraged to establish common ground on four key areas - emissions cuts for developed nations, developing countries commitments, climate financial aid and a governance framework. This week in Barcelona, the final round of traveling negotiations commences; participants hope to mend the divide between industrialized and developing nations so some progress on emissions commitments and international aid can be made at the summit. With the US Congress seen as one of the major hold-up in 2009, the prognosis for 2010 ("The Road to Mexico") may not be brighter as one-third of the Senate focuses on their re-election campaign reputations and efforts. Climate negotiations in the coming weeks and year will be America's opportunity to reclaim its position as the global catalyst for economic prosperity and social justice or to continue its descent from the economic, political and moral highground.

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