Sunday, March 14, 2010

BASIC Countries Nominate for UN Climate Chief Position; China & India Coordinate Actions

Nominees for the UN climate chief post are surfacing from the BASIC countries. An emerging climate negotiations leader, South Africa, is proposing Marthinus van Schalkwyk, its minister of environmental affairs & tourism, while India is supporting its environment secretary, Vijay Sharma. Indonesia may also nominate an individual. Regardless of the outcome, the tone of negotiations will be changing with a representative of a developing nation heading the UN process.

China and India finally agreed to be listed in the Copenhagen Accord “chapeau,” or introduction, as participants in the key negotiations that produced the agreement. The countries were hesitant to sign because the agreement was not adopted by the entirety COP15 participating nations. Meanwhile, the two countries are coordinating with respect to their mutual opposition for international scrutiny of voluntary reduction actions as well as plans to cooperate on forestry, energy efficiency and renewable energy initiatives. Separately, China’s lead climate negotiator admonished the U.S. for not taking greater action to stem emissions domestically.

Relevant Global Carbon Articles

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· EU finance ministers call for climate aid plan; to be discussed in Brussels meeting this week.

· EU considers upping reduction commitments to take climate leadership position; debates Kyoto expiration plan.

· U.S. and Brazil sign de-forestation agreement.

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