Sunday, April 4, 2010

Climate Talks to Rewind, Restart, Jumpstart; UK Has Plans.

Outgoing UN Climate Chief de Boer suggests that this November’s climate talks in Cancun, Mexico, will in effect be a second attempt at laying the groundwork that was hoped for in Copenhagen. De Boer’s envisioned timetable is for talks to restart next week in Bonn, for the first time since December, building up to a solid framework agreement in Mexico and follow through with a binding accord in 2011 in South Africa. The United Kingdom is taking the leader and proposing potential options for climate fund frameworks and a two treaty solution. Unpopular with the US, the two treaty solution involves an extension of the Kyoto Protocol, governing the previously bound countries, and a separate treaty, governing the US and most developing nations, such as China and India. Elsewhere in Europe, French UMP party’s bid to implement a carbon tax was overruled by the country’s high court, which saw too many inequalities and unfair burden on certain consumers.

Recent Carbon Articles of Interest:

· BP CEO’s says job preservation is not a good reason to support coal in US.

· Indonesia considers joining BASIC coalition.

· China and South Africa boost ties on climate front; specifics unclear besides aligned policy advocacy.

· UN suspends two carbon credit verification entities, including second largest verifier, TUEV SUED.

· Support for US Cap-and-Trade continues to wane and the EPA delays GHG permitting for power companies and industrial facilities until January 2011.

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