Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tensions Quelled at Bonn; Senate Bill Seemingly Always Around the Corner

After a tumultuous start to the climate meetings in Bonn, the negotiations process leading up to Cancun in December 2010 is back on track. The Bonn meetings were considered a “healing process” where participants regained comfort that the UNFCC is the central venue for global climate talks and negotiations will occur in a transparent and democratic manner. Three more meetings have been planned leading up to Cancun, pressed by developing nations ironically, who were the less motivated contingent last year. Developed countries are feeling paralyzed by the gridlock in the US congress over a climate bill.

Senators Kerry, Lindsey and Lieberman intend to unveil climate legislation on April 26th. The bill is rumored to include the Obama and House endorsed 17% emission reduction targets (from 2005), support for nuclear power and offshore drilling, a motor fuel tax, the shutting of regional cap-and-trade regimes in favor of a “national carbon reduction policy” and a blockade to carbon regulation by the EPA.

Other Relevant Climate Articles:

· The supposed U.S.’s media and PR strategy leading up to Cancun meetings leaked.

· U.S. to host clean energy summit for the Americas this week in D.C.

· Bolivia claims 7,500 to attend its splinter climate conference this week.

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